Here are 7 Tricks to Use Casual Shoes to Look Attractive

What is the style of dressing for the girl that makes most guys like? Not that we dress for them. It’s just fun to know their opinions about what we wear everyday. Often women do not think of shoes as something important from appearance. In fact, looking attractive from top to bottom is very important. Here are 7 tricks to wear sepatu casual to look attractive.

The first is to wear matching socks. As much as possible avoid wearing socks that color is less suitable with your shoes. Wear socks that match the shoes you wear, for example, beige socks combined with brown shoes. The second is, do not wear casual shoes with jeans. Indeed in some places such as nightclubs or fancy restaurants, you are not forbidden to wear casual shoes.

But, this does not mean you can combine your casual shoes with jeans to keep looking casual. The shimmering casual shoe is only suitable for wear with a formal suit or a suit, and definitely does not fit into a pair of jeans. Then the third trick is to wear casual shoe brown color. If you are looking for a good shoe color, we recommend choosing a brown color. Because this color looks more elegant compared with other colors.

The next trick is if your socks are white, then certainly no one wants to see it. In fact, the socks you wear do not always have to be white, try wearing more colored socks. However, if you are forced to white socks, make sure the socks are pure white. Keep your white socks out of sight when wearing them.

Fifth, adjust the shoes with a belt. This is a long-standing rule but it is still very much up to this point. If you are wearing black casual shoes, we recommend wearing a black belt. This will make your shoes and belt more prominent and you look as someone who pays attention to fashion in detail.

The sixth trick we suggest to combine with skinny jeans. One way that often becomes an option when wearing casual shoes is to use a model of skinny jeans pants. You can look neat with this blend.

The last trick is to mix with women’s shorts. For this style you need more skill, and also beautiful legs. Surely the foot will be slightly exposed. The impression that comes from this alloy you will look sexy.

That is why many women love to wear this type of shoes. In addition to the appearance of being attractive, harga sepatu casual also tend to be cheap. Similarly information we can convey about how to use casual shoe tricks to look interesting, may the information we can convey can be useful for your life.